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You are not here by mistake. There are no coincidences in the UNIVERSE. Only synchronicities. I’m Amira, and I help professional men and women who are stressed out, depressed, and suffering from past trauma, gain life balance, eliminate anxiety and thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally.

 I’m an intuitive and an energy healer. I use Reiki, among other healing modalities, to get information from your energy centres, your aura, and your body. The body has its own intelligence beyond our conscious and logical mind. I also teach you how to tap into that intelligence.

 From here, the healing journey begins………

I listen and feel what your energy field desperately wants to communicate to you. We are an individuated part of a great Intelligence. That Intelligence wants to keep you aware of what may be consciously or subconsciously suppressing and might be the actual cause of your problem or suffering.

Let’s Get Started

Why spare 30 min of your time?

First, IT’S FREE.

Second, because you owe it to yourself to try and invest time to find a solution or enhance the quality of something that is missing in your relationship or life.

Third, because I guarantee you that you will learn something that you did not know before either about yourself or the situation that is keeping you up at night.

Now the Q is why not?

When I first started working with Amira I was skeptical. I’m in my sixties and she is quite younger. I knew her through a word of mouth referral, via a friend. I wasn’t sure she would understand where I’m coming from because of the generation gap. I was in a relationship and although we have a lot of affection, we were most of the time at odds. She always uses analogies and I remember she once told me “don’t force him to wear a suit that is not his size”. I have to admit that she surprised me with her original perspective on things, and how that affected mine as well. Thank you Amira, you are wise beyond your age.” 

Peri, Germany

Amy, this how I called her since it was easier, is one of the guys. She completely put me at ease. At the beginning, it was difficult to talk about sensitive stuff like masturbation, porn, and hookups. Amy is super understanding, she doesn’t pass any kinda of judgments. I was in love with this girl, but I was screwing it up by old patterns that I picked up from past relationships. She helped me understand what it takes to keep my woman happy and have a healthy relationship.” 

Dave, Canada

I started working with Amira online. I think one of the edges of Amira, the fact that she lived in many countries, she understands many cultural nuances. I wasn’t sure which program would work for me, she suggested the R.R.B and gave me a free orientation session so I can decide whether it’s what I want or not. Amira’s pointings helped me clear a lot of confusion I had about relationships and expectations. I was single back then, and I found particularly her healing from the roots modules very helpful.” 

Fatima, USA