About Me

Hello! I’m Amira

Relationships & Wellbeing Coach


I AM EVERY WOMAN, having worked as an Intimate Relationships & Wellbeing Coach with many women and men from Scandinavia to Iran. Although they came from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and spoke different languages, they had so much in common. They all wanted to be loved and accepted for who they are.

The journey to the Spirit is an ongoing quest. One pivotal point in my life was after my detox experience in India almost a decade ago. I became a firm believer in how food affects not only physical health, but emotional and spiritual health.

I started studying and seeking knowledge from the elders. I would go talk to the women in the villages of Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Peru, and the Andes. Learned about their cooking, their herbs, Plant medicine, and what kept the disease at bay.

I’m a folk medicine practitioner and an Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant. My soul’s purpose is wellbeing on every level, taking responsibility for my own health. My joy emanates from sharing the knowledge about all aspects of wellbeing that I accumulated throughout the years.

I was initiated into different mediation paths and that led me to the path of healing through sexual energy and how powerful this energy is and that it is the SOURCE energy for all healing and creativity on the planet.

If you are here, it’s not a COINCIDENCE. The UNIVERSE wants to share this knowledge with you. It’s TIME.

With a background in art & journalism, I learned to investigate and dig deep into the causes of the problems. Surprisingly enough, often the emotional trauma that my fellow humans that I was privileged to work with and I learned a lot from thought it was the cause, was not. This is why it is so important to heal from the roots up. Check my R.R.B Methodology.