Emptiness is the key to finding freedom. Many traditions speak about how emptiness will set you free and lead you on your spiritual path, but what does it mean? And can we apply this to our daily interactions or integrate them with our day-to-day lives? Yes! We walk through life full of concepts and judgments. You might think these thoughts reflect who you really are, but they don’t. The truth is that if we were to rid ourselves of the preconceptions about everything, then life would be very simple indeed!

When you’re in social interaction, it’s natural to be worried about what you might say or do. You may spend time rehearsing when your turn comes up for introductions and think of something clever to break the ice with people who share interests like me – whether they are physicists, mathematicians, actors, or singers!

It can feel really tough sometimes if we always have that nagging feeling inside us telling us not only how others perceive our words but also how we speak them ourselves. But at times like these I reassure myself by reminding myself that while being nervous is human nature; so too is having those moments where everything clicks together well enough on its own without all my fussing around beforehand!

The first step to being more confident about who you are is simply trusting yourself. You can’t go into an introduction with a canned speech and hope that people will connect with the real you, so don’t try anything new for now. Be comfortable in your own skin knowing that when it’s your turn, words will come out of nowhere because they’re all stored up inside just waiting for their time to shine. It may sound strange at first but believe me; trust does wonders! Try it! No one is saying take their word for it; we’re suggesting try giving something new a shot especially if you’ve been stuck on thinking of everything beforehand instead of actually living life while it’s happening.

The master key to this process is to empty yourself out completely from concepts about you first, then other people too. When somebody asks you something, it’s ok to take a minute and think about it, or even better just say I don’t know if you don’t. That is the first step in living your authentic self.