So you are living with your partner, how can you enjoy the quarantine time and not kill each other.

More love in the time of Corona

Three suggestions to boost our current relationships:

1. Max the dial on oxytocin

Oxytocin is the bonding, and socializing hormone, it is super important to us and our mental health. We activate and boost oxytocin when we dance, kiss, hug, and make love. All this boosts and activates oxytocin.

If you are living with your partner, give them a lot of hugs, take a lot of hugs, and kisses. Hug your children so this will keep you all the oxytocin ramped-up in your system.

2. Keep a Journal

I get many reports from the couples I’m coaching, there is some kind of friction since now we are in quarantine, and we’re living in the same space for longer periods. My suggestion is to be aware of. By being aware, I mean try to keep a journal every single time you find yourself in a conflict or in an argument with your partner.

Keep a journal to see what triggers you and see how did you react to that conflict, because this will get you to if I change my reaction maybe his action will change. Instead of being angry at him or her. Focus on you, why are you triggered by it.

Is it something that happened in your childhood or did you see your parents react in that way whenever this happens?  The idea is to delve deep into our reactions rather than concentrate on the other party’s behavior.


Most of the people I meet, whether friends or people that I coach, say that they met their partners while they were doing something together. For example, some kind of sport or common interest and then they hooked up. Having a common interest will ignite that spark you used to feel towards each other. Spice up your sex life by doing unfamiliar things, a new routine. Be unpredictable.

Now you have these suggestions, so get right on it, try some out, and see how can you make the best of your time together.