Easy Steps for Mindful Sex

When talking to different couples about how to revamp their sex life, the number one obstacle would be; TIME. Since almost all are at home, what a better way to use some of this time to learn new ways for pleasure. Let’s start.

The TWO Ts; Teasing and Time. The more you spend time teasing your partner, the more and the stronger the orgasm. The idea is to dedicate some time for an uninterrupted session of lovemaking without an agenda. This means; after the kids go to bed, no cellphone, no interruptions. Let’s start the ritual.

Allow yourself and your partner to feel the romance; candles, incense, soft music, comfortable and sensual clothes. Think about the journey, not the destination…AKA ejaculation for men. After setting up the space, sit in front of each other either on the bed or on the ground, if it’s comfortable, and start a cycle of slow breathing, when she exhales, you inhale, when you exhale, she inhales.

This process ushers the mind to relax, do that for two tracks/songs in a row. You can do that while eye gazing. Some couples are not comfortable with eye gazing, especially if they are new to these practices. In that case, I suggest blindfolding each other to add a bit of playfulness.

Sexual energy is a powerful energy, and the best way to have a fulfilling orgasm is to wait until you have a buildup of sexual energy, not only localized in the genitals but let it travel up, all the may to your brain. When you are sitting across from each other, make sure you leave enough space to allow you to come closer.

Let your feeling lead you. Start touching each other softly, and away from the sexual areas, for example: on the neck, cheek, chest, shoulder, knees, or inner thigh. Notice how the sexual energy travels in your body, this practice is to help you create awareness of the sexual energy, and build mindfulness in your lovemaking.

Need more tips? Check out my Cosmic Intimacy sessions. Happy Lovemaking:)