Sacred sexuality is when the sexual energy moves from the lower chakras; the Root Chakra and the Sacral chakra up the spine to all the rest of the five chakras, i.e. energy centers.

Why do we want to do that?

Because that will allow us to use sexual energy to its full potential and create higher states of consciousness through sexuality. Maybe you are not aware of that yet, or even not interested. However, knowing how to utilize the sexual energy can also take us to other realms of pleasure. One that we didn’t even know existed. Many of us hear the word multiorgasmic, and we think it’s only associated with women. Men can and are multi-orgasmic too. That means having a heart orgasm, a brain orgasm, and you will feel ecstasy in every cell of your body, not only the genitals.

Can I be single and utilize my sexual energy?

Absolutely yes! What we call in our slang everyday language, being horny, actually means the arousal of our sexual energy. This knowledge is the long-lost wisdom of Tantric Arts and Sexual Kung Fu in Taoism. Regardless if you are in a relationship or by yourself you can enjoy it and use it to its full potential if you know-how. Sexual energy is our life force energy it can be used to create another life, another human, and it can be used in healing our body, creativity, and consciousness exploration.