Client’s Reviews

I would like to share the experience I had in conversing with you, I am highly thankful to you for being the light when I needed to see the most. 
You have helped me look at my issues from a new perspective. You are very open-minded, understanding and wise.
I had a very profound cord removal session; I felt a burden has lifted off my shoulder. I felt light and free of negativity, and I felt that the attachment I had for my past relationship alleviated. 
Thank you very much again for all your time, words and guidance 🙂  
Sunny, India

I met Amira in a three-day workshop. When I knew that she was an Intimate Relationship Coach, I never thought I would use her services. I come from a conservative background, I’m not used to sharing anything about my private life, especially if it’s sexual and definitely not to a woman. Throughout the three days, I saw how she interacted with other people. She is patient, respectful, and not judgmental. Amira is very easy to talk to, I’m glad that I took the decision of opening up to her. I found her Reset your Relationship series an eye opener. 

Abdullah, Dubai

I took with Amira Tantra for Chemistry & Connection class.
My experience with Amira was incredible. It brought a different perspective to the relationship. The breathing and contact exercises we did were amazing. I highly recommend it to people who are bored with ordinary relationships like me.
Ercument Ince

Tantra for Chemistry & Connection Class

اخذت مع أميرة جلسة علاج بالريكي
تم من خلالها تحديد موضع الخلل على مستوى الشاكرات المتضررة، وتم ضبطه وتعديله، بعد الجلسة شعرت براحة تامة وخفة على مستوى الجسم.
من ثم اخذت معها جلسة علاح أخرى على مستوى الجذور للمعتقدات والمعيقات.
بعد كل جلسة نصحتني أميرة بالكتابة للتعبير عن نفسي اكثر، هذا كان له أثر مفيد جدا في الوصول إلى ذكريات عميقة وتنظيفها.
ممتنة جدا للكوتش أميرة ومساعدتها لي تحية حب وامتنان لروحها الطيبة

Djamila, Turkey

I had an amazing and life changing session with Amira. She helped me work through some outdated thinking patterns and programming and
shift into an empowered way of being. She is a powerful communicator and has taught me how to communicate to myself and those I am considering dating with love and understanding. I feel lighter after our session, and have been inspired to enter the dating world with a more playful and understanding approach, while being confident in asking for my needs and desires. Thank you Amira for helping me shift into a higher level of understanding so I can show up in relationships more authentically. Amira is lighthearted, gentle, intuitive, inspiring, supportive and very understanding, I consider her a beautiful role model for communication and authenticity. I highly recommend working with her! 
Caitlin Leigh