Why do we keep thinking about our exes? Ex-husband, ex-boyfriend, ex-fiance? Why does this happen?

Reasons for Thinking About Ex-Partner

This happens because when you go into a relationship, any kind of relationship, you establish an energetic cord with that person, especially intimate relationships. These energetic cords become much stronger because our relationships are much deeper. So it involves a lot of thinking, a lot of feelings, and we also become more vulnerable when we have sex.

Every time this person thinks of you and every time you think of them, you activate these energy cords and normally these energy cords are established around your chakras or energy centers.

So, if you feel sometimes drained without an obvious reason, there is a chance that you are being energetically drained by somebody else with whom you have established an energy cord.

Another factor to consider is that most of our thoughts are repetitive. This means that the thoughts you thought about yesterday are more likely to pop up today and tomorrow. We often fall into the trap of, “oh my god, I’m still thinking of him, if he crosses my mind that often it could mean it was real and what if he /she was the one?”

It could be, but not necessarily.

If you’re thinking about a certain dress or buying a book or joining a certain club, you will find these thoughts pop up too. Simply, because they are in your area of interest, so the mind keeps repeating them, and they grab your attention.

You can gauge that against stuff that really doesn’t matter to you, the mind will display these too, but you are the one who chooses what to pay attention too.

There are also triggers, you could be feeling lonely or down, or emotional, or just saw a movie or heard a song, that reminded of you that person. All these activate the energy cords until they are properly cleared and removed.

My Suggestion for All of You

So what I’m suggesting is if you see yourself thinking about your ex repeatedly, don’t panic, don’t think Oh my God, this must have been the real deal.

It is the nature of the mind to repeat the thoughts of yesterday and the day before yesterday and last week. But this also means that you are constantly living in the past. You’re not living in the present moment.

Another point to consider is that energy cords can be reactivated from his or her side. That is why sometimes you think about somebody and they call or message you.

One of the downsides of this process is if you’re still kind of carrying the vibration and the energy of that person, it won’t be easy to move on. The most common Q that I get from my clients is; why do I keep attracting the same person over and over again? And my answer is because you’re still carrying this person’s vibration and you still have an energy cord between you.

One very common mistake that some people fall into and specifically people who have already done cord removal is getting in touch again with this ex. So let’s say we’ve had a cord removal session, you felt you were relieved.

This is the feedback I get when I do cord removal sessions. They say they feel a kind of relief and a release, and that they’ve been trapped in this energy. So if you go back, even if it’s just chatting, you are actually reconnecting again.

Remember this is energy, you don’t have to see it to believe it. However, you will definitely feel it, because it will awaken something in you.

So let’s take a moment here. Really, let’s take a moment. Social media, let’s contemplate the word, Follow. You are following him. You are following her. What does that activate? feelings? You are seeing them visually. It activates memories.

Look what happens if you get into the elevator and someone is wearing the perfume of your ex. What happens to you? This is a very powerful thing. It innocently triggers feelings and emotions and sometimes you tear up.

No, don’t follow them. The key reason you came and did cord removal is to sever the connection. Don’t think it’s just innocent, I just want to see what they are doing. Don’t see what they are doing, sever the connection. If you really truly honest with yourself and want to move on.

Bottom line, if you know, deep inside, they were not good for you, don’t fall into the trap of your repetitive thinking and believe everything your mind is telling you. Trust your heart and intuition.

If you are interested in knowing more, check my Cord Removal Sessions.

Loads of love!