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Who are these courses going to work for?

  • Men and women who want to deepen their connection with their partners.
  • Single Men and Women who are tired of attracting the wrong people and want to understand why and RESET that.
  • Men and women who want to ignite the fire in their sex life.
  • Men and Women who want to further their understanding about how a fulfilling intimate relationship works inside and outside the bedroom.

Can men and women who are considered seniors benefit from these teachings? 

These modalities are especially targetting these flawed concepts about age. It’s very suitable for singles and couples that think they cannot enjoy a sexual life anymore because they hit a certain age.

Are these modalities LGBTQ friendly?

Love and compassion don’t differentiate. It is irrelevant how you identify yourself, the most important thing is how you want to express yourself, so you can be understood. The highest frequency of sexuality is rooted in experiencing mutual love. It has nothing to do with relationships being either homosexual or heterosexual. 

Why is one of the modalities is specifically for the 35+ age group?

Working with numerous men and women from different age groups, I observed that most, however, not all of this age group tend to want to engage in a more long term relationship. This is particularly important because you invest and build trust with these tools. It will be a waste of time and energy if you are in this stage of your life where you want only something short term or casual.