Do we need to spiritualize sex to make it valuable?

And my answer to that question is absolutely not. Sex is valuable and in its nature. It brings a wealth of physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Sex is sacred whether or not we believe it. If only for the fact that we create another human being with this energy. We need not spiritualize sex, it’s just that we don’t use sex to its full potential.

So for instance, if you are familiar with the concept of sexual energy transmutation, which is a concept that Napoleon Hill discussed in his book, and how creative people use sexual energy for creating other things because it’s a powerful energy.

So back again to spiritualizing sex. S.E.X stands for synergistic energy exchange, so we are exchanging energy all the time in our daily life with different people. But when the relationship is sexual, the exchange takes another form.

Let’s say if you think about the word intercourse, it’s the merging of two bodies, right? So something goes into something else and women are receiving energy and men are giving energy. So, when you go into any kind of relationship, it could be a short term relationship and you are conscious of that and no strings attached. You are mentally making this conscious decision.

However, what we are not aware of is that when you connect with another person, you take on part of their energy, which means also their baggage. So, if they have emotional baggage, you take some of that. They also take part in your energy. This means your sexual history and your emotional History.

What does that mean? What are the implications of that?

And I have to say that this is not to spread fear about having sex or getting involved in sexual relationships of any kind. This is something you have to decide whether it’s suitable for you or not. It’s mostly to raise awareness of how things work when it comes to sex.

For instance, I like to make informed decisions. If I decide to do bungee jumping or skydiving, I would like to have all the information and the risks laid out in front of me right off the bat, so I can make an informed decision. I’m taking this risk, and I like to know the consequences.

So let’s say you made a conscious decision of getting involved with someone only for sex and it was gratifying, but then sometime later you feel crappy somehow. And a lot of us tend not to connect that to the sexual encounter that we had because you signed up for that. But emotionally and spiritually something happened here.

So, if you find yourself not feeling good after a sexual encounter, and although the sex was good, you might as well ask what kind of person did I merge with? Are they mostly about lust? Or are they caring and loving as well? And loving does not mean you have to be in love with each other, or you have to have a commitment, but the intention of giving love and care while you are in it matters. Many people have been in situations where the other party cared only about his/her pleasure and disposed of them afterward.

I hope that answers the question somehow.

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