Man Ejaculates Early and Women Reaction

The Yang energy, the fire, the sexual arousal for a man happens first in the genitals. That explains why men get aroused faster than women do. This sexual energy when the man takes his time in foreplay and teasing moves gradually to his heart and his head.

The more time you spend slow cooking your woman, metaphorically speaking, the better orgasm you will both have, why? Because this will allow the sexual energy to travel all the way up to your head, and won’t be just localized in your genitals.

If you want to enhance the quality of your orgasm, you need to adopt the pleasure delayer mindset. You need to be able to control spilling out your semen, and hover, and stay in the “feels good but not there yet zone” as much as possible. This will allow you to cultivate a deeper connection with your partner, as the sexual energy will rise to the heart chakra, hence, you will be able to receive the love of your partner.

When you ejaculate early, there will be a disconnection, because as she is getting ready to transfer her loving sexual energy to you, you would have already spilled your semen, and now need to rest AKA refractory period.

Over time, this leads to frustration on the woman’s part, and also men will feel that the sexual act has become dissatisfactory, thinking that the problem is their partner can no longer stimulate them sexually.